Honoring the Divine Feminine

Throughout the Journey of our Lives, we come across an Infinite amount of Unique Energies. These Energies exist within us, as well as around us; manifesting in multitudinous ways. 

One of the Energies I speak of is the Divine Feminine Energy. This energy is a nurturing, purifying, healing & sustaining energy. But please do not be distracted by the identifier of “Feminine”, and conclude that it refers only to the female gender. This energy is present in all beings; just as “Masculine” energy can be utilized by a woman, “Feminine” energy can be utilized by a man. It is Energy! The only limits it has are the ones we force on to it.

I have been guided to create a short little exercise/ritual, that will assist you in connecting and honoring the Divine Feminine Energy within and around you. I believe that this will help in the balancing of the Masculine Energy that is insisted upon most of us almost daily.    



This can be in any form (bath, rain, ocean, sprinkler, bowl of water, you get the idea).

What You Need to Do…

Choose which embodiment of water that calls to you, and make sure you are close to it. (I know that last part seems obvious, but I desire to be thorough).

Begin with following your Breath for a count of 21.  Let each breath pull you from any persisting thoughts, and deeper into your body.


Once you have reached your 21st breath; inhale deep & easy (deep breath just don’t force it, remember you are suppose to be relaxed), when exhaling sigh it out (think sinking into a hot tub and that point where your whole body releases the stress you were carrying).

Do the deep breath with a sigh 3 times. After the 3 breaths return to what is natural for you (just stay relaxed, you still have a little more to go).

Place your hands over your heart, and feel the rise and fall of your chest.

Gently move your gaze to your chosen form of Water.

At this time let the Water expand before you. Acknowledge the various qualities of the Element:

  • The gentle, flowing movement. 
  • Being soft and cool to the touch.
  • How the Water hugs the things it touches.


Follow the Water outward:

  • As it brings Life and Nourishment to all that is Living.
  • The Push and Pull of the Tide, revealing hidden treasure and protecting others.
  • And of course the Deep Unknown, full of mystery and potential.


Feel the Power of the Element of Water in you, building your connection with this Life Sustaining Energy.

Now gently draw your awareness back to yourself, by focusing on your breath (you can count your breath if you are finding the element is still desiring to play).

Once you feel you have returned to your body; wiggle your fingers and toes. Thank the Water Element for sharing it’s power with you, and for any insights/gifts you may have received. 

I have chosen the Element of Water as a medium to connect to the Divine Feminine Energy, because it is an Element that is part of us. We are made up of 60% Water after all. In addition to that the Water Element is connected directly to the Divine Feminine; sharing many of the same attributes.

For more examples of these qualities as well as their Masculine counterparts click the link!

Attributes of the Masculine & Feminine

As a Personal Note:

Remember this is Your Journey, so if you would like to add; oils, bath salts, Magick Circles, etc. ABSOLUTELY! Build Your connection to the Divine Feminine in the way that feels right for You.

♥Do As Ye Will, As Long As It Harm None.♥

Many Blessings to You All