Passion Packages

Each of these package options has been created so that everyone can get the benefits of these Tantric programs no matter how busy their schedule! Because of the condensed nature of the material an additional 3 coaching sessions will be available to you as needed, for individuals and couples.


Passion Package #1

  • 1 day, (5-6 hrs) sessions
  • 3 additional coaching sessions as needed (expires 90 days after the session)

Passion Package #2

  • 2 half day, (2.5-3 hrs)
  • 3 additional coaching sessions as needed (expires 90 days after our last session)

Don’t worry your package will still include:

  • Introduction to Sensual Massage (Couples)
  • Tantric Couples, Breathing Techniques (Couples)
  • Partner Pleasuring Techniques (using artificial models) (Couples)
  • Methods to Enhance Your Connection with Your Partner (Couples)
  • The 4 Principles of Sexual Pleasure tailored to Your Needs
  • Tantric Breathing Techniques
  • Techniques that will re-establish your connection with body and self
  • Ancient Tantric Meditation Practice
  • Techniques to Awaken your Full Orgasmic Potential

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