Me and My Vision

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to My Website!

My name is Tara McInteer and I am a Healer. Now that the direct points are out of the way; I am going to expand on the “who I am part” and then move into “THE VISION” part of this simple introduction.

It has always been a challenge to come up with a simple answer when asked to define myself. It happened to be only recently that I was able to truly accept the full gravity and multitude that came with being a Healer. 

As any Healer would know; to be able to connect with one another and establish that trust, you would have had to climbed out of some dark corners of your own Life. Otherwise how can you assist in lighting the way for others?      

 I am a Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner, and have been so for over 5 years. I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner for over 7 years; accompanied with Level II Reiki, and Reflexology of the hands, feet & face. Also a ChakraDance Facilitator, Aromatherapy Dabbler, and Essential Oil utilizer/advocate! 

If you are a little looped by that, I fully understand. Between you and me I felt that way writing it! I have a very unique blend of healing modalities to offer. The breakdown of specific modalities can be found in the services tab. If you have questions feel free to connect with me through the options below.

My focus right now is the Healing of the connection between Oneself and their Sexuality. Of course My Vision is on a much bigger scale, and if you are interested continue on!

My Vision

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.  -Gail Sheehy

I believe that everyone is on their own unique journey; following different paths or making their own. Whether they are searching for something specific or just enjoying the experience. As I am sure all of you can relate, during our adventures through our Life, there comes a time for Healing.  

These times of Healing that I am referring to, interestingly arrive hand-and-hand with Change! Change, my friends is a True Constant in Life. It is a Infinite Force with just as many Opportunities and Possibilities! As I am sure all of you reading this know, Change is NOT EASY and is Neither Good nor Bad!!

This is where the Healing comes in. In our Life, on our Journey; we make Choices and face Challenges. These Choices and Challenges leave their marks on our Body, Mind, & Spirit. (Keep in Mind I have NOT Labelled anything ‘Good or Bad’). Change tends to come into our lives when the time is right (whether we believe it or not), and it pushes and pulls us, picks us up and spins us around; and places us so gently right in the middle of our lives, where we can see Everything. This is where we find the Opportunity for Deep Healing; Change has given us the Space to: Release, Reassess, Rediscover, and Refresh our Lives.

My Vision is to assist you during your times of Healing. To optimize your ability to tap into the Vastness of the Opportunities and Possibilities of your Life. So that when You are continuing on Your journey; You will know the right Choices to make for Yourself, You will be able to Face and Overcome All Challenges, because you will know Yourself on every level.

Live Your Life Through Love, and Stand Witness to the Wonder and Magick Around You!